Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Gift : #GlobeWonderfulProject

Galatians 6:9-10 ______ 9 And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. 10 Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.

I stumble upon a blog as I read her article about what gift we can give for the Philippines? I decided to join and thinking that maybe I should try my luck, not merely on winning but hoping that "somebody" would spare time to consider what could be my gift for my beloved country.  The question is very simple, yet answering it was was very hard.

My wish to gift for my beloved country is a gift of Livelihood Program to those people affected of typhoon Yolanda. Before anything else we can easily recover from that incident if we have something where we can generate money. Money today is the most needed resources, you cannot buy food and other basic commodities  without it. So instead of giving a certain amount of money to everyone, why not give each family (if possible) the gift of livelihood, like giving them seeds for planting fruits, vegetables, local crops, for poultry raising, and even materials for fishing. They don’t need “short-term-help” they need lifetime solution for them to be able to survive everyday. They need something useful that would benefit not just a single person but for the whole family, and perhaps for the whole community. This wish of mine is quite impossible but I believe that Nuffnang Philippines together with Globe Telecom this project is just a piece of cake! All we need is just a careful research, intensive planning, and strict monitoring who could benefit this project would definitely a BIG success. In the long run if all people are productive your advocacy of helping would never be forgotten. Many lives would thank you for this bright idea of #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014.  This project could be your Legacy, A legacy that will last a lifetime for future generations. A livelihood Program that will uplift the lives of many Filipinos. A program that aims to attain better life for the whole community, and promotes national development for the whole humanity.

If only I have the money to make this project possible I would do this. If you would ask me if I already help this typhoon victims, YES I already have. I have deposited a small amount of money to ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya bank account. I believe that no small amount is too small, but as long as we are  helping out , we can achieve greater things. For as long as there are people/organization would willingly make this project happen, nothing is impossible. If everyone of us wholeheartedly extend our help to the needy we can surpass every trials that comes along. #ProudPinay.

If you like to join this contest CLICK HERE for the contest mechanics. You might be Lucky to win and bring home a brand new  Ipad Air.

How about you? Do you have something that you can give for the Philippines? Comment below what is that is that gift and you might win an Ipad Mini 2.

Contest Ends on January 29,2014

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Contest : Dainty Mom x Howard Storage World Phils.

This is my official entry to the Howard Storage World + Dainty Mom Wow Your Wardrobe Contest.
I deserve to win the Php. 10,000 wardrobe showcase from Howard Storage World because I would be needing it once that our house is finish.. 
 Your home is a refection of those who live in it, as well as the decorations that you have in it. Isnt is so nice to live and stay to a well organized and a clean home, its a matter of finding exact storage that can maximize the space of the house while maintaining all the things arrange orderly. A happy place to dwell in, comfortable,relaxing, and most of all clutter free :)
Honestly, while this house is still on-going I am currently looking for some items and furniture's that would be fit and match to our simple abode. :) Few months from now I would be hunting great pieces for our HOME.  I want furniture's that are beautiful, durable that can last for long years and affordable too, since we are on a tight budget. hihi.. :)  If I would luckily win this giveaway, those organizers and drawers would be so perfect to beautify our home since as you can see that our house is not "so big" but soon we can call it our own,. :) 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Giveaway : My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks,

I had stumbled upon this beautiful blog and currently she is holding a fabulous giveaway. YES! very Fabulous because her prizes are all awesome. Who wouldn't want to take home Clinique products for FREE!
Now I am joing anf feeling soooo lucky that I would win this, (hopefeully) :)

Honestly I had never tried to use this products on me, but I would love too. Its quite expensive and have a tight budget for this beauty regimen since I am a full time house Mommy. But after seeing this lovely giveaway, I think I deserved to win this to pamper myself for a while and be Beautiful.. :)

So, if anyone is reading out there and would love to join,try your best of luck and who knows? ;)

Join HERE..

Contest : Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

Everyone of us is dreaming to have our very own HOME. Someday, I would like to have my own place that I would decorate with beautiful home furniture that would beautify my place. and ofcourse with affordable prices and the quality is never underestimated.  As for now I am contented on imagining what furniture pieces I would include in my house :) Upon checkin out MANDAUE FOAM WEBSITE  I had find all their pieces very much unique in tems of designs, and these 3 things did really cacth my heart.. :)

Circles Mirror
This Circle mirror for  me is very unique in terms of its design very fabulous, I would like to put this on my living room, a perfect center piece on my humble home.. ;)

I would like to put this one on the living room also, I find its really cute, and UI amagine how beautiful it is hanging in there :)

Thalia Bed with two Night Stand

This would be my perfect bed, this is where I would like to spend the rest of the night with, :) I want also those two bedside table because I love reading books, and will just put in there after I read it.

This are the great pieces I would like to have... sooon.. :) How about you? What's YOUR HOME, YOUR IMAGINATION... :) 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Contest : Tide & Downy : my Long Distance Love affair :)

This is how me and my husband seen and talk everyday; for three consecutive years now. (Thank you Skype). He worked on the other side of the globe as a waiter at Osetra Bay Lounge and Restaurant in Grand Cayman Island. Well, Our story is literally a super loooooong distance love story, the distance from Grand Cayman Islands to Philippines is 15,600.3 kilometers. It's air travel distance is equal to 9,730.86 miles. From Manila to Hongkong to UK to Bahamas Island to Cayman Island.. It will took you for almost 3 days to travel just to get there!  Not to mention the cost of airfare tickets..Whew!
He left me when I was seventh month old pregnant, and I still remember that day at the airport when he left me with teary-eyed.. As much as he wants to stay with me when I gave birth and to witness our son's first cry,yet, he couldn't. He has to go and to work abroad for OUR future, for our family, and for our baby.
I envy those women who gave birth and their husband is right beside them in times of their labor, but all I have is a voice over the phone that comfort me and somehow made those pains go away...
 The first few months are the hardest of coping up with our situation. Most of the times we cry coz we missed each other so much, but we can't do anything but be contented on seeing each other in computers screen. The challenge of being away to each other is what we keep going, it also hard for me to raise our child alone, and for him fighting the homesickness through all this years. I had never imagined that this is how its gonna be, and I cowardly admit that its hard, yet WE both pray that we could survive. Three years and counting, and we still together, we still made it and STILL love each other. I can't really say that there is a perfect recipe nor the best ingredients to achieve a long-lasting relationship, but for me its all about putting first GOD as the center of your married life. It's how you TRUST the one you love and stay faithful in him through the years. I guess those people who are in the same shoes like mine would agreed that our motto is "PATIENCE is a VIRTUE" indeed. Patience to wait  without knowing how long it would gonna take, perhaps months, years or could even a decade, but if you truly love someone you would wait even if it will take you forever, and surely that was our greatest sacrifice. But I know someday it will worth the wait! :)
 The screen is the wall that separates us to be together. Though physically distant we’re never far apart, for our love doesn't count the miles, it’s measured by the heart that we are wholeheartedly committed of loving each other faithfully. Long distance relationship is just a test, to see how far love can travel. We don’t consider it as obstacle, rather a great reminder on how strong true love can be. In time our love will always find a way to bring us back together no matter how many miles ahead between us.....

On July 27,2012 would be our 5th year anniversary and I would like to use this chance on greeting him on our special day.... I miss him so much and Im wishing and praying to be with him soon.... I love you Pug :)
This is my Official entry to Tide with Downy Bangong Padala contest. Please watch and share this video entitled “Pag-ibig na Pangmatagalan” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UByYVB4glg

Thankyou for reading! Spread the love! Godbless!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Giveaway : SansFlou x Moomy Musings

When i was pregnant luckily I already have an idea about sansflou prouducts, some of  my friends who gave birth early tell me about how great it was and perfect for my little one. When my baby started to have his teeth, I immediately buy Sanflou toothpaste. Below are the products that sanFlou has. or you may visit their WEBSITE to know more about it.

  • SansFluo Toothgel Cleanser
  •  SansFluo Teething Gel
  • SansFluo Tooth and Gum Wipes
  • SansFluo Xylitol Swab
  • SansFluo Dental Brush and Gum Massager
  • SansFluo Pen Grip Toothbrush

.He's using the sanflou since he's 8month old,until now that he is two, and still enjoying it. I am sure that this product id baby friendly and 100 % safe for him to swallow since it is fluoride free... ;) 

We parents are the model of our kids, it is important at young age that we trained them the value of  proper personal hygiene, I am glad that I am using this product for my baby. Most of the time I brush together with him, and always teach him that its important to brush his teeth  every after eating. and we visit his dentist too :)

MOOMY MUSINGS had partnered with ORAL HEALTH CARE for BABIES to host this fabulous giveaway. One lucky mommy will take home this goodies for free! :)

Join now. click HERE for more details about this contest. :)