Saturday, July 28, 2012

Contest : Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

Everyone of us is dreaming to have our very own HOME. Someday, I would like to have my own place that I would decorate with beautiful home furniture that would beautify my place. and ofcourse with affordable prices and the quality is never underestimated.  As for now I am contented on imagining what furniture pieces I would include in my house :) Upon checkin out MANDAUE FOAM WEBSITE  I had find all their pieces very much unique in tems of designs, and these 3 things did really cacth my heart.. :)

Circles Mirror
This Circle mirror for  me is very unique in terms of its design very fabulous, I would like to put this on my living room, a perfect center piece on my humble home.. ;)

I would like to put this one on the living room also, I find its really cute, and UI amagine how beautiful it is hanging in there :)

Thalia Bed with two Night Stand

This would be my perfect bed, this is where I would like to spend the rest of the night with, :) I want also those two bedside table because I love reading books, and will just put in there after I read it.

This are the great pieces I would like to have... sooon.. :) How about you? What's YOUR HOME, YOUR IMAGINATION... :) 

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