Friday, April 20, 2012

Giveaway : Firmoo x YouGOTnoGEE

It's summer time here in the Philippines, an I am so ready to pack, wear my one piece swimsuit (with shorts, ofcourse! haha)  and soak in the beach,,, ;) But hey I am missing something eh?
A perfect summer would not be picture perfect if i am not wearing sunnies!!
Glad to know that FIRMOO ONLINE OPTICAL STORE with collaboration with my blogger friend YOU GOT NO GEE is trowing a fabulous giveaway!! yay! They will be generously giving 20 glasses for FREE!! Cool ! Im so sure everyone would be ecstatic, so do I.. ;))

Upon visiting FIRMOO's WEBSITE, I found this eye-wear that really catches my eye,,

Isn't she is so cute? and I am so drooling to have this baby and add inside my bag! haha!
Every inch of this is so fashionable! I like sunnies who are quite big, visible enough ofcourse! For me its a statement in the face, It hides my eyes that add mystery whenever I walk downtown. Its a statement accessories that never goes out of style. Hope I could Win this! :))

Anyone who wants a FREE GLASSES? Join now! Visit HERE for more details!

End April 30,2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Giveaway : First of Dozen daybreak

After lurking around facebook, I just found out this wonderful giveaway of a newbie blogger.
Since this is her first every give away in the making, she has my full support of joining this "web-event" :)
Upon seeing whats up to grab for, I would never skip this chance of joining, might as well try my luck, & who knows I might just won this goodies. :)

List of Prizes!

*Contact lens from Red Jhellie shop
*2 key chains
*2 OMG Nail Polish
*2Cellphone charm
*Butterfly Ring
*Bob Ong Book
*Penshoppes himmer
*Pinkwater Perfume
* Baby Bundle Colonge
* Sequence pouch

So generous isnt it? :) So if your reading this & want to take home this babies, grab your ultimate chance and Join now!

Click here for MECHANICS.

Ends April 30, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Giveaway : 1st Joyluck614 !

A Facebook friend of mine who also joining in numerous online contests, promos, and giveaway is now hosting her very first blog giveaway! Me too is also exited for her as she will conquer her journey to blogging-hood. Since this is her first time to host a giveaway, I want to show her my full support by joining! hahaha :)
She's is soo ready to giveaway her  88 color palette, tropical shimmer eyeshadow by BH Cosmetics,,   which she won from an international contest, isnt she's so lucky? and GENEROUS too! :) 


Who wouldn't love to have these baby? its so beautiful, you can choose variety of colors every time you put make up on. This was sent to her all the way fresh from  california USA.. love love love... So I will never skip this chance and try my luck to take home this beauty! 

Visit this link to Join, BUNDLE OF JOY :)

Contest Ends on April 21. 2012