Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Mommy Mission Statement

This is an official entry to Dainty Mom’s “Write you’re Mommy Mission Statement” contest”

Being a mom at the age 21, all I ever wanted was to become a simple wife and to be a good mother. As I take the journey of Motherhood, I discovered that the path I had chosen isn’t always perfect as they may seem. There are still hard times of Up’s and Down’s.
Every day I learned new things therefore I made this list as honestly as I could from the bottom of my heart.

• I commit to God as the center of our Life. I am a servant of the Lord and through prayers I lift up to HIM all my worries and fears of my everyday existence.

• Fulltime housewife that is devoted on nurturing my family wholeheartedly. Encouraging them to pursue their dreams, for I will guide them every step of the way.

• Will no longer be JUST a simple wife but a perfect wife (with my imperfections) to my better half. He would always have my Trust, respect and loyalty.

• Be the kid’s loving mother, buddy, playmate, and can be their best friend too! I can be their ever supportive “stage-mother” on whatever career they may choose someday.

• Homemaker whom my first priority is to serve my husband and kids with all their needs above all things. Provide the best for them with all my might.

• Lastly, I am a woman with wisdom to give, experience to share, and so much love to offer...

I still have a long journey to fulfill, nevertheless I will never stop. I’ll continue to strive and aim high.

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