Monday, March 5, 2012

Greatness starts @ Home..

God sends special angels into our lives, it came to me on a perfect date of November 28, 2009, when HE sent me the precious gift from heaven; that a woman could ever have. My baby Hanz, was my angel in disguise!

Being a mom at the age 21, all I ever wanted was to become a simple wife and to be a good mother. As I take the journey of Motherhood, I discovered that the path I had chosen isn’t always perfect as they may seem. There are still hard times of Up’s and Down’s. Despite all of the hardships I still consider it as a wonderful blessing that completes my existence into this world. The reason why my heart beats ten times whenever he call me "Mommy".
He may not offer me any riches of the world; nevertheless he completes every part of me. However as a mother, I have to be strong to raise him well and unleash the greatness he has from within.

My husband is an Overseas Filipino Worker, he had to be away from us to fulfill his duties and responsibilities as a head of the family. He may not be there to witness our son's "first" nevertheless, we are gladly thankful that in this fast-paced world of technology we are always connected.

At home, as almost everyday we go online, the computer screen is the wall that separates us physically, yet we don't consider it as hindrance of having a happy family. In an early stage, my sense of duty is to inform my child that his father is working at the other side of the globe for our future. Little by little he quite understood what I had meant, for in time I know that he would fully comprehend everything. So, even if my son don't interact personally with his Dad,he still shows love and affection through his actions! Sweet!

He just turned two, but the greatness that he showers into our lives had change the both of us. We had became matured, wise and selfless. All we could ever think about is for his future. The happiness he brings into our home is priceless! As we stride the road of his childhood, I will be his loving mother, buddy, playmate, and can be his best friend too! I can be his ever supportive “stage-mother” on whatever career he may chooses someday. Patiently, encourage him to pursue his dreams, for I am on his side who will guide him every step of the way.
He may not say it with his words but his actions speaks more than enough for us to understand that he loves us.

(This is the photo, that made his Daddy cry on Father's Day!)

Indeed, greatness starts at home! A home that is full of acceptance and appreciation. Parents should nurture his child to inspire them to do things bigger than themselves. To guide them to achieve great things for their own personal growth. Just continue to shower love to develop the greatness he had inside and out. I know that I still have a long journey to fulfill, nevertheless I will never stop. I’ll continue to strive and aim high.

Greatness comes from the heart
Lovingly shared this beauty of art
On everyone no matter who they are.
Beyond the infinite of its power,
Endless as the universe, which cannot conquer.

This piece of wonder had made people’s lives easy,
As it continues to shine in every home blissfully.
Through globe nothing is impossible,
To sees a world that is connected for all.
Outstanding performance, and offer wide information,
One nation with great transformation!

How about you? Share your child's greatness!
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  1. This is adorable! Good luck! I hope you win :)

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  2. This is so sweet! Hanz is certainly a little angel. Is this an entry for the Globe contest? If so, I hope you win! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog - I didn't win, but I had a lot of fun joining the contest! 8-)

  3. Wonder Woman--- Thankyouu Thankyouu,,, I just read this and approve your comment coz Ive been busy , Thanks for dropping by on my page, Im sorry that haven't joined your asian vogue giveaway, but I am now signing up on your soliel flats giveaway. :))Godbless!

  4. TAngled Noodle--- Thankyou for dropping by, yes its is for globe, they haven't announce the winner yet, hehe ,,, maybe next time you'll win na :) Godbless