Friday, April 20, 2012

Giveaway : Firmoo x YouGOTnoGEE

It's summer time here in the Philippines, an I am so ready to pack, wear my one piece swimsuit (with shorts, ofcourse! haha)  and soak in the beach,,, ;) But hey I am missing something eh?
A perfect summer would not be picture perfect if i am not wearing sunnies!!
Glad to know that FIRMOO ONLINE OPTICAL STORE with collaboration with my blogger friend YOU GOT NO GEE is trowing a fabulous giveaway!! yay! They will be generously giving 20 glasses for FREE!! Cool ! Im so sure everyone would be ecstatic, so do I.. ;))

Upon visiting FIRMOO's WEBSITE, I found this eye-wear that really catches my eye,,

Isn't she is so cute? and I am so drooling to have this baby and add inside my bag! haha!
Every inch of this is so fashionable! I like sunnies who are quite big, visible enough ofcourse! For me its a statement in the face, It hides my eyes that add mystery whenever I walk downtown. Its a statement accessories that never goes out of style. Hope I could Win this! :))

Anyone who wants a FREE GLASSES? Join now! Visit HERE for more details!

End April 30,2012

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