Monday, May 28, 2012

Giveaway : Kaigrafia x Koreanfashionwear

BAG THAT PRIZE! is the best title of this fabulous giveaway from with collaboration with KOREAN-FASHIONWEAR.

Korean-Fashion Wear is the leading online fashion wholesaler in providing Korean and Japanese-Inspired apparels and fashion wear. Their distributor's business was founded in late 2007 and with reliable sources for fashion in Hong Kong, China, Korea. They are starting to grow their business presence in South East Asia, mainly in Singapore and, lately, in the Philippines. They take pride in the quality of products which are in top quality and trendy to cater the demands of the Singaporean Fashion market. And as a startup in Manila, they are bringing in premium items and export-quality fashionwear.

Every girl needs a bag and totally loves a wonderful bags! You know how girls almost bring everything inside her room and can do anything just to fit it in her bag! Like me, I've always wanted a bag that is spacious enough to fit in my things most especially when I travel. And I am so luck to stumble in this blog and found out about this giveaway. Below is the photo's of a bag that you can have for FREE! how cool is that?! :)

Notice how big it is and it comes in a very fashionable trendy color too! :) I soo lov it. I am croosing my fingers (and toes too!) to win this baby! :) Don't miss this chance! Join now!

Click HERE for mechanics and filling out the raffle-copter form ;)

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